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Chinese scientists unveil four-legged robot dog

HANGZHOU: Scientists of Zhejiang University in China’s Eastern Province recently invented a four-legged robot dog, a technology that has now reached “world-class levels” according to developers.
Named Jueying, the robot dog is 1-meter-long and 60 centimeters tall. Standing upright it weighs 70 kilograms, however, it can carry 20 kilograms.
It runs on electricity and can operate for two hours straight once fully charged.
But what is even more surprising is the fact that Jueying is capable of reacting instantly when it loses its balance.
In addition, the unique robot dog can utilize its “brain” to control its legs to prevent itself from falling again.
“China once had little experience in quadruped robot technology, but has made significant improvements in recent years, with many universities and research institutes vying with each other in this field, said Luo Jun, CEO of the International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Alliance.
Jeuying comes with the latest operating system that enables it to respond to situations quickly and effectively.

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