Thursday , September 20 2018
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The Failing Lifeline of Metropolitan Lahore (Part II)

The falling groundwater aquifer levels across metropolitan Lahore are a cause for concern for municipal water managers and the sustainability of this source could only be ensured through preservation of land comprising agricultural tracts and open spaces. Efficacy of rainfall infiltration is owed to undeveloped land and asphalted/concreted areas dissipate …

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The Failing Lifeline of Metropolitan Lahore “Part I”

Access to clean drinking water is a survival issue for a big metropolitan city like Lahore with an ever increasing population, now exceeding 10 million. With the year 2001 legislative delimitation of services under City District Government Act, the functional domain of municipal limits has expanded to the level of …

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Baluchistan: Rejuvenating the Groundwaters

Nowhere is the water shortage in all forms and usages more pronounced than in the largest administrative land mass of Pakistan. Not too long ago, the resources met the requirement for sustainable living of the rather reclusive population. But with emergent demands on municipal water supplies and the rewards of …

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Siachin is NOT the Stopping Point [ By Hania Rehman ]

Nature is rich with treasure trove of wonders to offer. However, not all of its treasures are laid bare and some are not entirely understood for their worth and importance to both the environment and humanity. The glacial melts are the lifeline of the ecosystems that rely on perennial sources …

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Abel ‘s Hershu ( حِرشُ هابيل )

I do not know if I am alive or dead. I feel everything now. Something is walking across my fingers, and of because its delicacy, I suspect that it’s an ant. I start to feel the easy-moving sunlight touch my swollen eyelids. It disappears, then comes back. I hear the …

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How great Dow art not

We’re guessing that President Trump won’t be gloating about the stock market in upcoming speeches the way he did during last week’s State of the Union Address. After losing 666 points on Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 1,175 on Monday, the largest one-day point drop in Dow history. …

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