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Eco-capsule has the answers to world’s homeless people

The Slovak company eco-capsule will be starting production of eco friendly homing solutions. It is a self sustaining, micro home, shaped like an egg.
It was presented to the public on the roof f the UNIQ building located in Bratislava and the shipment to customers in Japan will soon begin.
For now there are only 50 units available for customers in Japan, Australia, US and the EU.
Eco capsule was also nominated in teh LEXUS DESIGN AWARD in 2015.
Co-founder and CEO, Tomas Zacek shared, “The launch of the first piece was preceded by months of designing, production, testing and certification.

During 2018, we would like to produce and deliver all pieces from the first series. In the beginning of the next year, we want to launch the production of the second, more affordable mass-produced series, which will be available globally.”
The comfy pod can accommodate two adults at a time. It has a timid kitchen, offers running water, a folding bed, storage capacity, a toilet and a shower and is fit to make anyone feel at home.

The capsule derives its energy from solar power and a power retaining system ensures that it lasts on darker days. The capsule is extremely portable and can reach any part of the world.

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