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Afghanistan’s amazing female coding group

KABUL: In a country fallen prey to turmoil, unrest and terrorism, a girl group in Afghanistan is defying all odds to learn coding and create tech unconventionally.
Enrolled in Code to Inspire (CTI) – an all-female computer programming school – these girls are changing their future, one algorithm at a time.
The programme coaches around 80 women at present and teaches girls to create and run applications, video games and websites.

Khatera Mohammadi, creator of a video game aimed at educating people about the fight against Afghanistan’s notorious reliance on poppy seeds, says, “Afghan people really need more educational games that can bring about change in the education levels of children.”
Women in Afghanistan are relegated to the household only and the country’s female employment in the workforce stands at a negligible 16%. However, the CTI programme, dedicated to empower more and more women with time, seeks to expand its efforts.
“It’s new, not everyone knows about coding. We are planning to make it bigger, make it broader, across Pakistan,” shared Hasib Rassa, Project Manager CTI.

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