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First time ever, for the Islamic community in Canada, Stop Diabetes Foundation alongside Diabetes Canada launches the Ramadan Position Statement

VISION 2020 – Peel Region holds the unfortunate distinction of being the “Diabetes capital of Canada”. STOP Diabetes foundation’s (SDF) mission termed ‘SDF VISION 2020’ aims to remove this infamous #1 tag before the year 2020 by providing public health education. In addition to the mission of diabetes prevention, the …

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MIT Biological Engineers Solve An Arthritis Drug Mystery

Pharmaceutical companies once considered a protein called p38 a very attractive target for treating rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis patients usually have elevated activity of this inflammation-producing protein, and in lab studies p38 inhibitors appeared to soothe inflammation. However, these drugs failed in several clinical trials. A new study from MIT sheds …

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Spanish flu: more deadly than World War I

PARIS: The Spanish flu outbreak 100 years ago is the modern world´s deadliest epidemic, its toll of more than 50 million surpassing that of World War I. Here is some background. Why ´Spanish flu´? Countries caught up in the 1914-1918 war censored information about the extent to which the flu …

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Heart disease patients live longer when they exercise

Older adults with heart disease who regularly exercise, even a little bit, may live longer than they would without any physical activity, a Norwegian study suggests. Researchers examined three decades of data on 3,307 adults who had been diagnosed with coronary heart disease after a heart attack or an episode …

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