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Go Green, Lifestyle changes for a better world and better life

By: Sabeen Sheikh Abid

Green has become quite a popular colour in recent years. Why goes green? Going green has numerous benefits, Green living helps make the planet sustainable and habitable. It seems everywhere you look people are talking about going green. From advertising campaigns to operational strategies, companies worldwide have been implementing “go green” initiatives to catch up to the changes in consumer demand. But will all the hype, what does it really mean to go green?

Nowadays, going green goes beyond the traditional definition of recycling goods, the term to go green means much more than just recycling. Simply put, going green is a way of being environmentally conscious and acting responsibly. Going green means live life in a way is friendly to the environment and the earth. It could also mean contributing towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment and preserving the planet and its natural system and resources. Green coast was created for us all to learn how to position the world for the future of energy. By becoming aware of the issues plaguing our environment we arm ourselves with the tools necessary to sustain life on our planet. To shift our thinking towards being green. We first need to educate ourselves about how to adopt green living practices. Going green can have a positive impact on the environment and at the same time can be affordable, simple, and greatly improve the quality of our lives. Overall people who go green take steps to minimize the harm that they do to the environment, such as the carbon footprints they leave behind. There are numerous ways to go green. Also, there are multiple reasons to adopt a go green attitude.

Conserving energy and reducing energy demand

Reducing the consumption of energy is another way to go green. By conserving energy not only we are acting in the best interest of our planet. We also save ourselves lots of money. Reducing energy consumption can be as simple as turning off lights when we leave a room or upgrading home insulation and window. Install solar panels, choose low carbon emitting vehicles that burn less fossil fuel, and produce less hazardous gases.


This is a no-cost simple way to go green prolong the lifespan of natural resources. Reducing also reduces the effect that harmful waste products have on the environment. Recycling can decrease the amount of pollution.

Changing our behavior fast enough to combat climate change, going green is not just a slogan. For some people, the concept of going green is lifestyle adjustment that encompasses every aspect of a person’s lifestyle. To someone looking in at this lifestyle, the concept of why someone should go green may seem odd. All an outsider may see is someone who recycles, carpools, and chooses to buy organic food. The truth is the option to go green has several reasons and benefits that may not be outwardly. The prime reason to go green is for the global benefits on a whole. Overall, many people go green feel that their efforts may start off on a small scale but will spread to others. Eventually, the community outreach will reach to large and larger areas and ultimately to global endeavors. Examples of global events can be seen daily with recycling efforts, urban gardening development, eco-friendly real state, and organic food options. The truth is more and more people are turning to the go green lifestyle for various reasons. The reasons may start as an allergy to a chemical that can be replaced with a natural alternative, offers a cleaner breathing environment, safe food, and safe water system. The answer to why go green can be found in the desire to life healthy and keep the earth around and safe if possible. It may also reduce, if not completely avoid, encounters with GMO foods, In the personal environment, the use of natural products can reduce the intake of toxins into the system through airborne chemicals. Going green is an excellent decision. So, embracing a way of life that helps preserve the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling items. It is essential to practice green living because if we do not ,our lives would be in danger when there is no clean air, food, drinking water or even get expose to harsh climate changes and temperatures that can lead to global warming and life threatening illnesses. With greener planet, we can look forward to cleaner environment and brighter future with better quality of life and surroundings are more likely to be healthier to fulfil our life aspirations and enjoy our lives with our loved ones. Going green concept is learning and practicing an environmentally mindful lifestyle that contributes towards protecting and conservation of natural resources, forest, habitats, and biodiversity .It reduce pollution ,maintain the natural ecological balance on earth so that all living things can survive and thrive in their natural habitat. It is therefore essential to strive for green living. A healthy person is also a productive person at work and home. By going green, we build a healthier environment for all living creatures, both current and future generations. Going green can make a big difference in how you perceive the world around you. Taking few small steps at a time can make big impact on the people and the world around you. These are all viable and easy way that could go green. It does not take much time, just a little compassion and effort. Let’s all go green, embrace these sustainable and healthy habits to live in a better world.

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