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Helpless kids By RABIA AHSEN
Helpless kids By RABIA AHSEN

Helpless kids


How a child can bear the life of a normal being whose childhood undergoes the pain that even a grown-up can’t bear. This is the fact that when these young kids are continuously raped by the adults, especially boys, how can their life pattern be that of a normal child? When it comes to girls victims, it’s even worse scenario that most of the time, they are strangled to death or they live the life of a society scared kid and how can such kids become normal in their life ever again.

It’s a sad fact that in Pakistan, parents still don’t take proper care of their kids. The majority of kids are on road for street jobs, no access to school or careless attitude of parents, or sometimes that of the kids themselves. And such kids become the victim of child abuse or rape easily. I heard someone saying that such acts can’t be done repeatedly without kids’ consent, I was shocked by such an irresponsible attitude from the public towards the agony of a vulnerable sector. How can a person give consent for such a barbaric act? If you threaten someone of their life or life of their loved ones, it’s completely understandable how kids or even grown-ups can react to such a situation.

One more thing, I often think that even parents can’t notice the change in their kid’s lives? How can they be that much unaware?
I read the news that a mother burnt her husband because he raped his own daughter which she thought was only justice according to a mother.

In Pakistan, Why can’t our law enforcement institutions enforce such laws in which culprit can’t be forgiven by any means not even with the passage of time.

Public demand for hanging them publicly was granted but no public hanging evidence is shown until now whereas the kid’s rape rate in Pakistan is around 14/15 every day. Whenever any culprit is caught up, he shows his relation to the dark web or we create those links by false news but the fact is that whoever the culprit is, he must be punished in the hardest way. How come law let go of that person without giving him severe punishment? Or in Pakistan, rape is still not considered a crime?

Some pictures are the hardest thing ever to see and keep oneself calm. Some images put us in utter pain and the only thing that disturbs the rest of thoughts is that how the person in that situation could have gathered the courage to undergo that pain physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I just saw one picture of that kid whose teacher in a goth of Sindh, Tharri Meer wah, has been raping him, the picture was hidden with images but the bended head of that kid made me cry for several days. I wished that such people must die the hardest death who do this to the innocent souls.

A teacher is the most trustworthy person to whom people entrust their kids. If these teachers instead of teaching, start doing such acts, in whom parents can trust for the rest of their lives?

There is a huge responsibility for each and every person of society if we want our kids and generations to be safe. Please stay close to your kids. Listen to their problems, especially mothers, if they can undergo the pain of giving birth to a helpless soul, they need to stay vigilant and close to those little ones. Give courage to your kids to report such incidents and also keep close eyes on the issues they are facing in their life. We cannot change the world unless we change our small world of which we are responsible.
I was wondering about LGS school’s male teacher harassment in girls schools, why do they have male teachers in girls’ schools?
Until grade 10, only female teachers should teach even in boys’ schools as kids find it more comfortable with them and at least they can’t harm kids.

As an individual of human society, we need to put forth all efforts that we can to address such issues and help such helpless kids.

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