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Child Labour and slavery in our society

Child Labour and slavery in our society - By SABEEN SHEIKH ABID

Child labour is an old problem well rooted in human history. Children were exploited to various extend during different periods of time. The problem is common in poor and developing countries. Child labour refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, …

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Helpless kids

Helpless kids By RABIA AHSEN

How a child can bear the life of a normal being whose childhood undergoes the pain that even a grown-up can’t bear. This is the fact that when these young kids are continuously raped by the adults, especially boys, how can their life pattern be that of a normal child? …

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New World Order

New World Order By Hafeez Khan STRAIGHT TALK

The main arterial road in Tehran is named after the renowned Persian poet, Ferdowsi, the author of “Shahnameh,” one of the longest epic poems created by a single author. Known as “Book of Kings,” written a thousand years ago, it comprises nearly 50,000 couplets. It captures the history of the …

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Justice System on trial

Justice System on trial By Hafeez Khan STRAIGHT TALK

STRAIGHT TALK By Hafeez Khan   Parveen was happily married. After completing 10th grade, she was married to a cousin. She had four kids before she was 25. Her husband was an electrician; earning a livable income. It was 1998. They were comfortable by working-class standards. They owned a two-marla …

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Importance of Research in Nursing

Importance of Research in Nursing by Sabeen Sheikh Abid

By Sabeen Sheikh Abid: Why has research -based practice become so important and why is everyone talking about evidence-based health care? But most importantly, how is nursing best placed to maximise the benefits which evidence-based care can bring? Research has been used to legitimise nursing as a profession, education has …

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Go Green, Lifestyle changes for a better world and better life

By: Sabeen Sheikh Abid Green has become quite a popular colour in recent years. Why goes green? Going green has numerous benefits, Green living helps make the planet sustainable and habitable. It seems everywhere you look people are talking about going green. From advertising campaigns to operational strategies, companies worldwide …

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Filling the management void


It was the late eighties. We were flying back to Riyadh from Islamabad after a week in Pakistan. I was accompanied by Abdul Latif Al-Shaikh, Chairman of our business group. We were embarking on a joint venture in the agricultural sector with ADBP through late Jamil Nishtar, its Chairman. Shaikh …

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