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Zulfi demands apology from Reham for ‘attacking’ Imran’s new wife

LONDON: A close friend and confidante of PTI leader Imran Khan has asked Reham Khan to tender apology for her “disgusting insult” in relation to Imran Khan’s third marriage Bushra Wattoo, his spiritual guide-turned-wife.
British Pakistani businessman Zulfi Bukhari, who was the witness of Imran Khan’s third marriage and is considered very close to him, launched criticism on Khan’s former wife after her interview to a British newspaper in which she said her former husband’s marriage to Bushra Wattoo was a public relations (PR) stunt and that the photos of wedding PTI released to media were “cringe-worthy” – to dupe the public into thinking that the couple were pious people.
Reham Khan had claimed that “to have a woman veiled head to toe, he has alienated a lot of people”.
On Saturday, Zulfi Bukhari issued a scathing statement on a social media site, igniting a war of words, accusing Reham Khan of “pandering to tabloids” and “in the process” insulting hijab-wearing women around the world who choose to veil themselves in the way they wish.
Defending Bushra Wattoo, Zulfi Bukhari wrote: “Hijab/Veil-wearing women face the hate and abuse in many parts of the western world. Their everyday struggle and fight for their liberty from France to America has just been insulted by Reham. An apology is required for this disgusting insult.”
Zulfi Bukhari had played a central role when Imran Khan divorced his second wide Reham Khan towards the end of 2015 and he was at the centre of Imran Khan’s third marriage to Bushra Wattoo on 1st of January 2018. Pictures released by PTI show Zulfi Bukhari standing behind Imran Khan and Bushra Wattoo. Its understood that only Awan Chaudhary, Mufti Saeed and Zulfi Bukhari were aware of the secret wedding plans in Lahore.
Reham Khan married Imran Khan on October 31, 2015 and was divorced by him on the same day on October 31, 2016 and Reham Khan has claimed that the marriage divorce date was decided and picked by Imran Khan’s third wife – then married to Khawar Fareed Maneka and known as Bushra Maneka. She says that Imran Khan had asked her through a text message that she needed names of her parents because her spiritual guide needed names of her parents to decide the marriage date.
A source close to Reham Khan said that Zulfi Bukhari could never have made statements against Imran Khan’s former wife without approval of Imran Khan himself. Zulfi Bukhari and Reham Khan were on good terms when she was still married to Imran Khan. Imran Khan had tasked him to negotiate with Reham Khan after the couple went separate ways and Zulfi was filmed with her in meetings post-divorce.
A senior PTI leader had said at that time that Imran Khan has given his friend responsibility for “dealing” with Reham Khan. Those talks went on for at least two weeks in London but neither Reham nor Zulfi ever spoke publicly about that – until now. A PTI source said that Zulfi Bukhari has spent most time since the end of February with Imran Khan in Bani Gala where issues and strategy related to their marriage were discussed. He was amongst the selected few present in the wedding on 1st January. He returned to London for a week and then returned to Pakistan and then official nikkah pictures were released – confirming story by Umar Cheema.
Imran Khan’s former wife says her ex-husband announced the intra-party elections’ date on political advice provided by Bushra Wattoo and that her former husband was in contact with his current wife while still married to her.

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