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Saudi women allowed to start business without male permission

JEDDAH: As per the latest development in Saudi Arabia toward the empowerment of women , they do not need the permission of a male guardian to start their own business, Arab News reported, citing the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
According to the latest step the Saudi women will no longer face more obstacles than a man does to establish their own business and government agencies will no longer require the consent of a guardian for a woman to complete the necessary procedures.
“No need for a guardian’s permission. Saudi women can start their own business freely,” ministry spokesperson Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein tweeted on Thursday using an Arabic hashtag that translates as #No_Need.
The #No_Need campaign is an initiative of Taysir, which aims to streamline the necessary procedures to establish a new business.
There is no longer any need to visit a notary to document the founding of a company. The Abshir system means this can all be done electronically.
Women can practice all their commercial transactions in the Ministry of Commerce and Investment without a guardian or a notary.
This new approach will open the door to women in Saudi Arabia to highlight their talents and ideas and translate them into a realistic business with a worthy financial return.
Nojood Al-Qassim, head of the Department of Personal Status, Family Legacies and Women’s and Children’s Rights, pointed out that this latest step toward the empowerment of Saudi women is in line with the government’s overall development drive.
“One of the directives of Vision 2030 is to activate the role of Saudi women in society and to give them their full rights and the rights guaranteed by Shariah,” she told Arab News.

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