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Plans are worthless, planning is everything: Hamza Firdos

Hamza Firdos is the son of veteran actor Firdos Jamal but thankfully that is not Hamza’s only claim to fame. Hamza has proven his own talent in recent dramas like ‘O Rangreza’ and now ‘Ghughi’ where he plays the role of Tek Chand. Here are a few things about Hamza in his own words.

Tell us about your early life.

I was born in Lahore. I passed matriculation from there then we moved to Peshawar and after passing my Intermediate I flew to Dublin where I graduated in Accounting and Finance. I studied acting for two years and took courses like Method Acting, Mesiner, Lee Strasburg .

Before starting my acting career in Pakistan, I was part of a theatre company for a number of years where I did quite a few theatre plays. I was acting in feature and television back in Dublin. I also formed a production company called the “The Black Ostrich Entertainment” with my French friend, Director Nicolas Courdouan. I produced several works under its roof and many projects caught the limelight in the international festival circuit.

Tell us about your early influences for your work.

Having Irish, American and Lithuanian teachers, they gave me a chance to explore many international playwrights, film makers, directors and art in general. But since I stayed in Dublin and Irish are very famous for storytelling and folklores, Irish films, writers inspired me the most. Directors like Jim Sheridan who produced greats like “My left foot “, “In the name of the father” are my all-time favorites. Playwrights like George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde, whose works speak for itself, gave me so much to relish.

What have been some of the struggles and difficulties you have faced initially?

Well, there is not much you can do when you don’t get what you are looking for. I had to struggle with things like finance for my education in Dublin. Finding work, a roof to live under was part of my journey. But all those unavoidable hardships made me who I am today and I am grateful to Dublin for every bit of my struggles. In fact, I Love Dublin! And as far as my acting struggles are concerned they were comparatively different. I didn’t have to look for a roof this time but acceptance and find an opportunity to prove my metal. I did carry some support of my previous work and my father’s name stayed with me–but it didn’t open any doors so for almost a year nothing materialized. Perhaps I was approaching it all the wrong way. My training and influences, that taught me the importance of playing characters, I used to think that perhaps that was not required. But all those maybes were put to rest by my characters in ‘O rangreza’ and ‘Ghughi’ and eventually they became my credits.

Tipu and Taekchand (My characters) proved my range as an actor and I’m grateful that things happened this way. Now, Alhumdulilaah I am known to be versatile. I realize it is still early and I have to go a long way but being recognized in such a respectful manner for sure gives me a boost and re-emphasizes the fact that there are intelligent and creative directors, writers, producers who appreciate talent. As well as the public who definitely let you win their hearts. They obviously welcome fresh content if you are willing to make a change.

What have been your notable successes and achievements?

As a producer (in Dublin) my web series “5 cents and the Boyz” went on to win two awards at the international web series fests. Also another shortfilm “Radha” made it big at the festival circuit. “Henry” a shortfilm I wrote and acted in also caught attention. In the acting world both of my characters Tipu and Taekchand caught the eyes and I was praised for my work and for my unusual character choices.

What are your current projects?

I’m filming a new drama serial (Maria Binte Abdullah) produced by 7th sky Entertainment. I’m playing ‘Ammar’, a different character compared to my previous screen outings.

What are your future projects?

Developing a feature film’s script and nearly finished with my short film’s script called “Fried Fish” which I would be directing myself but won’t be acting in. As an actor, I will be appearing in a forth coming project but I won’t give much detail unless the production house wants me to.

Do you have any quote/message to people/fanbases?

Plans are worthless. Planning is everything.

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