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Home Use Beauty Devices

by Fiza Nubani
Lately more and more people are performing their beauty treatments at home instead of going to a doctors and professional spas. Beauty companies are continuously developing safe and easy to use products for home consumers. The result for consumers is great looking skin without the heavy price tag associated with dermatologists and aestheticians.
But the question is do these home consumer products really work? Are they worth purchasing? and Do they really produce results?
Hair removal is nearly every woman’s nemesis. But we have come a long way since the days of razors, nasty hair removal creams, and of course the dreaded waxing. It’s now all about laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has become so mainstream that men have also jumped on the laser bandwagon.
It’s a very compelling proposition – go for 5 to 10 sessions to a laser specialist and you are left with silky smooth and hairless skin forever. Sounds like a dream come true until you realize the price tag that comes along with this technological miracle.
Luckily, companies have developed more cost effective laser products for home use. Although hair home removal products are more economical than professional treatments, they may not be for everyone. First, you will need the right skin type to achieve optimal results. Those with fair skin and darker hair seem to experience the best outcomes when using the home products. On the downside, due to the lower laser strength in home use devices, the process will likely take longer than professional treatments. But you end up doing it at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Also, if not used properly it can result in mild burns. So read the instructions closely and be careful!
Next on the list of home beauty devices is the famous, Red and Blue LED Light Therapy. Red LED Light Therapy is known to help build collagen and increase circulation which reduces fine lines and improves skin’s elasticity. While Blue LED Light Therapy is known to ward off acne producing bacteria. Normally, you would go to a trusted aesthetician for a relaxing facial followed by LED Light Therapy. But now you can purchase Red and Blue Light Therapy Masks on Amazon and do your treatment at home for half of the price. So, the key advantage of this home product is definitely the price. The downside is that it is still up for debate as to whether the LED light in home products is strong enough to experience noticeable results.
Finally, we come to home anti-aging products – Derma Rollers and Derma Pens. It used to be that you could only access to these products through the trusted hands of board certified dermatologists or aestheticians. Now both of these items are available for purchase in most pharmacies and online. Derma rollers and derma pens are used for microneedling on people with skin issues and the product is a tightened, rejuvenated and glowing skin. These products consist of tiny needles that penetrate the toplayer of your skin. Once the skin is penetrated it goes into healing mode through long term and continuous collagen production which promotes smooth and glowing skin.
Whether you choose to use a derma roller or a derma pen, it is important to use the right needle size. Needle sizes can range from .25 mm to 2.5 mm. For sensitive areas like the face, a smaller needle size is recommended. Most experts recommend a .5 mm needle size for optimal results. Longer needle sizes can be used on less sensitive parts of the body such as your stomach or legs. But be careful, because bigger is not always better. There is fine line between the positive effects of minor skin penetration and the disastrous effects of deep scaring.
I personally love using my derma roller. I use it three times a week, then apply my favorite serums and my skin glows for days. Another nifty area to use the derma roller on is the scalp. I like to apply the derma roller to thinning parts of my scalp and hair line. This brings blood flow to those areas which helps feed the hair follicles. This has done a great job a fending off hair loss and giving my hair a thick healthy shine.

Fiza Nubani is a makeup artist and skincare and beauty blogger.
She resides in Dubai, UAE where she works on a freelance basis with production companies and private clientele. You can follow her on Instagram @facebyfiza

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