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Promoting Women Safety, why we need to expand our understanding of women ‘s safety
Promoting Women Safety, why we need to expand our understanding of women ‘s safety

Promoting Women Safety, why we need to expand our understanding of women ‘s safety


Violence, discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault can blight women’s lives and hold them back from playing a full part in the workplace, society, and the economy. So, taking action to improve women’s rights and safety in our society, should be priority. Women have the right to be free from violence, harassment, and sexual attacks. Removing the barriers of unsafe environment can help women fulfil their potentials as individuals and contributors to healthy society in Pakistan. As Pakistan races towards becoming an economic superpower, the country is still lacking in women’s safety, with alarming number of women succumbing to rapes and sexual attacks .one irrefutable reality that has sadly not changed and has become harsher with passing time ,is the question of women’s safety. Time and again, we have to bow our head in shame, not just for the continuing spate of event took placed Robbers gang rape mother of two on Lahore motorway. City Police officer statement is shocking and shameful, said what was lady doing there at night? why she was out also why she did not checked petrol? Lahore CCPO blames motorway victim for choice of route travelling late at night. but also, for our inability to tackle such a menace with determination. My question is here is this the excuse to rape women that why she was out? Who is responsible for this huge damage? Why criminals are not arrested yet, what taking police to take so long to arrest them and punish them. Why these kinds of crimes are happening repeatedly? What actions should government take against the CCPO? That he did not make a good statement. I think, the CCPO should be ashamed, and if is unable to perform his duties then he should leave his post. I suppose citizens of Pakistan is free to walk on the streets of the country any time they want.
“There cannot be real inclusion of women in society if women are subject to violence and, harassment and sexual attacks. We have a duty and opportunity to use our influence to expose and drive out intolerance behaviours and work together to promote a respectful environment for women. Zero tolerance to sexual assaults”
Sexual assaults, rapes against women on the rise in Pakistan. Pakistan in the ranks as sixth most dangerous country in the world for women, with cases of sexual crimes and domestic violence recording a rapid rise. Activists blame society ‘s patriarchal attitudes for the problem. Women rights activists says it is a systemic problem.so how can justice be delivered in such cases? Critics say the current Pakistan government, under prime minister Imran Khan, has not been focusing on empowering girls and women. Whatever, the reasons are but clearly Women’s safety is one of the most prevalent issue in modern day. Generally, women are vulnerable. They are not as strong as men which make them precarious. These are the major reasons for they need protection throughout their life to live peacefully. Innocence, ignorance, lack of awareness, physical weakness makes them defenceless. Women are a major part of the society. Yet their safety is not possible without the participation of men. We cannot continue to be naïve. Our experiences have taught us several lessons that the society is no serene. It is filled with criminals who are invisible to common eyes. Cleaning the society is long term task. We need to keep at the bay the impending ganger from anti socials and other invisible unscrupulous men. Police is also the part of the society, need to employ only the honest and quality people in police force. Judiciary too need to be monitored to function without corruption at least at the lowest levels. Religious people should not use religious hatred to settle cores with other religious people. Mature and conscientious people will never harm women. Yet shameless religious fanatics do. Hope people are willing to get refined and stop allowing the unrefined lots taking over the mantle of religious organizations. Hope people stop worshiping human beings like God. Hope people stop do not let tricksters exploit the women weaknesses. Government must be responsible for the welfare of the women, society, and every individual in the country. Incompetent people should be rejected from politics. Do not support the rotten and corrupt oldies who are good for nothing. They have done enough damages to the people and our society.
The above reality calls for dedicated action from all of us. While the ultimate aim would be to enhance the safety culture in Pakistan, imparting awareness and education is the urgent ,logical first step .Like all critical issues, increasing the scope of conversation would require holistic participation from the government ,private sector, media and the target population itself. Proactive steps are needed in various areas and at different levels urgently. Gender sensitive infrastructure facilities, vigorous effort to enhance awareness and strong legislative and judicial systems are the backbone of any such effort. We need to elevate and escalate discussions on the safety of women to the highest level so that we make up for decades of neglect, to transform ourselves into a leading society and economy. So, a comprehensive reform program is needed, and all sections of society will have to play their role.

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