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First time ever, for the Islamic community in Canada, Stop Diabetes Foundation alongside Diabetes Canada launches the Ramadan Position Statement

VISION 2020 – Peel Region holds the unfortunate distinction of being the “Diabetes capital of Canada”. STOP Diabetes foundation’s (SDF) mission termed ‘SDF VISION 2020’ aims to remove this infamous #1 tag before the year 2020 by providing public health education. In addition to the mission of diabetes prevention, the foundation’s second goal is to increase the longevity for people living with diabetes by highlighting a combination of medically proven treatments and lifestyle regimen.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 marks another big milestone in Stop Diabetes Foundation’s timeline to reduce the epidemic of diabetes and its complications not only in the Peel region but to spread this message across Canada. On this day, SDF, in collaboration with Diabetes Canada, will launch the first-ever Canadian Ramadan Position Statement (RPS) to spread awareness and educate healthcare providers as well as the public. RPS are research-based practical guidelines developed to help people with diabetes fast safely during Ramadan. The RPS has been developed with the consensus of Canadian diabetes specialists, researchers as well as religious leaders. The plan is to have this position statement endorsed by Diabetes Canada and submitted for publication in a Canadian Medical Journal before Ramadan starts in the middle of May 2018.

Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic, especially in certain immigrant populations in Canada e.g. people with origins from South Asian and Middle-East Asian countries. According to national statistics, the Muslim population in Canada is steadily growing, in part fueled by immigration and higher fertility rates. One of the pillars of Islam is fasting during the month of Ramadan (from dawn to dusk). Though certain individuals are exempted from fasting (e.g. pre-pubertal children and those who are ill, pregnant or breastfeeding), many of those who fall under these categories often opt to still follow the practice. Management of diabetes (type 1 and type 2 diabetes) during Ramadan is challenging for Canadian healthcare providers because of limited research data and education around this topic. The launch of this first Canadian Ramadan position statement will potentially overcome this huge unmet need and knowledge gap.

The Canadian Ramadan Position Statement initiative will be launched at a high-level media & healthcare professional event on March 20, 2018, from 6 PM to 8 PMat Mississauga Convention center. This event will be organized by STOP Diabetes Foundation Inc. The program agenda will include Q & A style interactive engagements with the Canadian expert faculty involved with this project (Dr. Harpreet Bajaj, Dr. Tyceer Abouhassan, Dr. Amel Arnaout, Dr. Tayyab Khan, Dr. Hasnain Khandwala and Dr. Subodh Verma); Diabetes Canada scientific leaders (Dr. Jan Hux and Dr. Peter Senior), several religious leaders, community leaders and Dr. Hisham Mahmoud (Sanofi Canada). Dr. Mohamed Hassanein, chair of the International Diabetes Federation’s Diabetes and Ramadan alliance will also support this Canadian initiative via video conferencing from Dubai.

STOP Diabetes foundation looks forward to the support of local community as well as media in this benevolent cause to succeed in its fight against these important health concerns afflicting our country, and the PEEL region disproportionately and motivate everyone to live healthy and long lives.

For more information contact 647-986-7867 or www.stopdiabetesfoundation.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STOPdiabetesfoundation Twitter: @STOPDMpeel

About Stop Diabetes Foundation

STOP Diabetes Foundation (SDF) is not-for-profit registered charitable organization (CRA 821832037 RR0001) founded by Dr. Harpreet S. Bajaj (endocrinologist) and comprises an inter-professional team of certified health care professionals (general and specialist physicians, physician assistants, dentists, nurses, registered dietitians as well as pharmacists), all of whom work purely on a volunteer basis for the health cause. The foundation’s twin objectives through this benevolent effort include to decrease the burden of diabetes afflicting our society through community-based education on preventative lifestyle and to increase the longevity for patients living with diabetes by highlighting a combination of medically proven treatment and lifestyle regimen. SDF is committed to providing scientific and accurate information to the public on the prevention and management of diabetes and heart disease. More information about our charitable foundation’s mission, members, and public health awareness work can be accessed at our website www.stopdiabetesfoundation.com

About Diabetes Canada

The Canadian Diabetes Association became Diabetes Canada on February 13, 2017, to shed the light on the diabetes epidemic Canada is facing. It’s taking a monumental toll on our health.
Diabetes Canada is the driving force to build awareness of the disease and its implications, which are often misunderstood. Diabetes Canada is the national voice for millions of Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes. Where ‘End Diabetes’ is the rallying cry to end the terrible health impacts of diabetes as well as its shame, blame, stigma, and misinformation. It’s also time to End Diabetes altogether with a cure. With the Mission statement, Diabetes Canada leads the fight against diabetes by helping those affected by diabetes live healthy lives, preventing the onset and consequences of diabetes, and discovering a cure.

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