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Asma Jahangir’s demise sets social media ablaze

LAHORE: Renowned lawyer, social activist and Human Right Commission of Pakistan co-founder and chairwomanAsma Jahangir died suddenly on Sunday, owing to a cardiac arrest.
Asma Jahangir was a scholar, having been recognised world over for her strong advocacy for human and woman rights. She was one of the most respected and reputable activists and lawyers in her home country.
Soon after her passing, social media users from not just Pakistan, but all over the world including celebrities from the field of philanthropy, entertainment, politics, sports, law and journalism, took to Twitter to express their anguish, shock and grief on Jahangir’s passing.
It is pertinent to mention that Jahangir was one of the most prominent activists and lawyers in Pakistan.
Her death has indeed left a vacuum in the field of human rights advocacy, activism and democracy. It is reported that at the time of her death, she was at home, peaceful and happy, playing with her grandchild.
Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in a condolence message on Sunday, said the services of Jahangir for rule of law, democracy and safeguarding human rights would be remembered forever.
Nawaz Sharif prayed to Allah Almighty to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

Heartbroken that we lost Asma Jahangir – a saviour of democracy and human rights. I met her a week ago in Oxford. I cannot believe she is no more among us. The best tribute to her is to continue her fight for human rights and democracy.

Devastated and heartbroken to hear of @Asma_Jahangir passing.Pakistan’s champion of human rights and democracy.My personal inspiration and mentor who had so much more to teach me. Pakistan produces the bravest women the world has ever seen. Asma was one of them.

Democracy, human rights and resistance against oppression lost a great soldier- AsmaJehangir. It’s everyone’s loss. What a sad day!

AsmaJehangir’s death is a loss of a strong voice for the marginalised and oppressed. Despite our differences I always respected her for her fight for human rights and for standing up for her convictions.

Deeply saddened by the news of sudden demise of renowned lawyer and human rights activist Asma Jahangir sahiba. Pakistan has lost a passionate champion of human rights and a staunch supporter of democracy. May her soul rest in peace!

Shocking to hear about the passing of this brave woman. Her honesty and sincerity to her cause remains an inspiration for our generation. Was always so full of life. We will miss you ma’am. @Asma_Jahangir

A lawyer, a human rights activist and one of the bravest people I have ever met @Asma_Jahangir was a fierce defender of often the unpopular and voiceless. She will be missed far beyond #Pakistan Our thoughts and duas are with her and her family

Shocking/tragic news of passing away of Pakistan’s human rights icon, AsmaJehangir, one of the most courageous exponents of human rights globally. Irreparable loss. Last year, Asma visited Occupied Kashmir as UN Rapporteur & exposed Indian Army’s crimes against humanity.

Shocked to hear @Asma_Jahangir passed away. Huge loss for us, for #Pakistan. She was courageous, fearless, invincible. In absolute disbelief. Please pray for her & her family.

May we continue to raise our voice as @Asma_Jahangir did for human rights , for minorities , for women and for democracy #RipAsmaJahangir

Shocked to hear of Asma Jahangir passing away Pakistan is poorer without her. May her soul rest in peace

How would i know that this will be our last sit-in together for the wretched of the earth. Two days ago the indefatigable Asma came to express solidarity with #PashtunLongMarch

Saddened by the news of sudden death of MsAsmaJehangir, the renowned Human Rights activist from Pakistan.She was very vocal on the grave HR violations in #Kashmir &actively supported our just cause.We extend our heartfelt condolences to her family and pray for the departed soul

Asma Jahangir was winner of several awards including the Unesco/Bilbao prize for the promotion of a culture of human rights and the French Legion of Honour. We in Pakistan need to honour our heroes so much more than we do. We donthonour them & when the west does we get so upset

Am absolutely shattered to wake up in USA to the sudden death of one of my dearest friends @Asma_Jahangir – the spunkiest, bravest, mosthonourable voice of Pakistan , who feared no one and Nothing. Mother to her equally brave daughter @MunizaeJahangir . This is so very sad

AsmaJehangir is the most deserving national hero to be honoured with State funeral

My hero, the woman I always looked up to, the woman who inspired me- heart broken- can’t imagine how we will ever recover from this #AsmaJhangir #pakistan

Shocked, saddened and heartbroken to have AsmaJehangirleave us. She played such a huge role in my life, both personal and political. Was a guiding light for women and vulnerable people. Pakistan will not be the same without her. I know I won’tRIPAsma

Farewell Asma, the courageous warrior of truth and empowerer of the disempowered. Thankufor standing with me in my fight for freedom & writing the fwd to My Feudal Lord.Thanku my dear friend for being there in every way till the very end #AsmaJehangir

My dearest friend and leader AsmaJehangir has passed away. We are in a state of shock and grief. This void will not be easily filled. Her courage to speak truth to power was unprecedented and exemplary. Asma! Rest in Power!

Deeply shocked & saddened to hear of #AsmaJahangir. She was a true defender of #HumanRights #Democracy & fought till her last breath against authoritarian power, orthodoxy &discriminatn. She was & will remain an inspiration A huge loss. Condolences to all whose lives she touched

Saddened to learn that #AsmaJahangir has passed away. A great loss for all people fighting for Democracy, Justice & Human Rights. I feel privileged to have discussed with her several times. My thoughts go to her family & friends.

What sad news. Asma Jahangir’s courage and compassion were admired well beyond Pakistan. She had many friends in the U.K. too. We will all miss her.

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