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Time for apology is over, CJP to Shahid Masood

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has given anchorperson Dr Shahid Masood until March 12 to submit his objections to the joint investigation team (JIT) report that dismissed as bogus his claims about the Zainab murder case convict.
On Wednesday, Chief Justice Justice Saqib Nisar observed that the anchorperson had sensationalised the issue through his claims.
When the anchorperson said he could apologise for the incident, the chief justice remarked, “the time for an apology is over. You have to accept at a national forum that you made a mistake.”
“The claims you [Dr Masood] made were false,” the CJ said, adding that the JIT report showed that there was no truth to the claims made by the anchorperson.
“You even claimed you were ready to be hanged if your revelations came out to be untrue. That is why the court took notice. You must be ready to face the legal consequences of your actions,” the chief justice said.
The apex court later issued a notice to the private news channel where the anchorperson first broadcasted his claims.
The chief justice said that the court would decide how to proceed in the matter after the anchorperson issued the apology.

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