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Michael Coteau takes on triple duty at Queen’s Park

Michael Coteau, already minister of children and youth services and responsible for anti-racism, is now in charge of a third big portfolio — community and social services.
“I was obviously surprised,” Coteau told the Star. “I went to go see the premier, and an hour later I was being sworn in. For me, that was an honour.”
Later that day, he was still on pickup duty for his youngest daughter, getting her from her older sister’s volleyball practice and bringing her home in time for bed.
“My wife told them and my daughter said ‘does this mean you are going to have to run in the election?’ ” Yes, he told the 8-year-old.
Then she said, “You are doing three things now, but Justin Trudeau is only doing one thing, right?”
Laughing, Coteau explained “I’m doing three — but Justin Trudeau is looking after the country.”
For Coteau, 45, it’s going to be a hectic couple of months, before he’ll have to switch into election mode in his Don Valley East riding. Critics wonder if he has too much on his plate given all the issues his trio of ministries face.

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