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You can be a mother and Prime Minister: Bilawal writes post-PM Jacinda’s pregnancy news

In honour of his mother’s valiant effort of giving birth while in office, Bilawal Bhutto, chairman Pakistan People’s Party, has written an article for The Guardian on the challenges Benazir Bhutto had to face throughout her lifetime, especially during pregnancy. This was done a few days after New Zealand’s serving Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that she is expecting a baby.
Inarguably, Benazir Bhutto, popularly known as BB, was the first world leader to give birth while in office, Bilawal recalls. As a woman she had to face a huge number of trials and tribulations, yet she stood firm against the regressive and dictatorial regime of General Zia-ul-Haq. Glorifying his mother’s unmatched courage, Bilawal writes:
“Zia’s regime decided that a woman’s worth would be half that of the man in the eyes of the law. It was in this environment that my mother cut her political teeth, and led the political campaign against the regime.
“Enduring imprisonment, solitary confinement, exile, assassinations of family members and associates was what she had to live through as a young woman.”
Bilawal then goes on to summarize how in 1988 BB led a nationwide political campaign, wrote a bestselling book, gave birth to her first child and became the first female Prime Minister of the Muslim world, all in just one year.
However, BB’s voice and mandate were soon shunned down as her disparagers launched a public movement, saying that Islam did not allow women to be in power.
Her premiership was challenged particularly when she was pregnant with her second child, Bakhtawar. Dissenters sought to dismiss her as if a pregnant woman was not allowed to be Prime Minister.
Nonetheless, she was an exemplary woman who led an exemplary life. Always made time for her children, raised them single-handedly as her husband Asif Ali Zardari remained in prison. Not only this, she led a long fight against military rule of General Musharraf at that time, making way for democracy in her homeland.
Unfortunately, she lost her life as she continued to struggle against dictatorship and extremism.
“She proved beyond a doubt, with her life and relentless courage, that women can certainly do everything. While the political pygmies who opposed her will be forgotten, she lives on in history as a global icon,” maintains Bilawal.

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