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Why is Veteran servant of USA Cricket Fahad Babar not selected in the US team?

Fahad Babar, a member of the USA team from 2009 since under 19 age, is the most experienced campaigner there was to offer to the current USA setup.

A player who has played all around the world in places such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, UAE, West Indies, Ireland, Uganda, and the list goes on. He has been in good form recently as well. He scored 66 runs not out of 61 balls in Texas Trials for US Team. Previously, He has been the backbone of the USA, Claiming MVP and Best Batsmen in 2014 world t20 qualifiers. He has scored back to back centuries in Dubai Zalmi league. He has gone on to play first class and scored in every game in Pakistan for pak customs. He has gained a lot of experience since 2009. Apart from Elmore Hutchinson, TImil Patel, and Steven Taylor there is no other player as experienced and as consistent as Fahad Babar. The stats are a proof of this.

According to Peter Della Penna, A longtime reporter and close follower of USA cricket who has witnessed the team all throughout, reports “Fahad is only 26, has struggled with hand injuries over the past year but like Jessy, worked hard to maintain his excellent physical fitness. Prior to his injuries, he was USA’s most reliable and dependable batsman from 2015-2016. His technique had some faults, so he went off the Pakistan earlier this year determined to get better and play against better standard. He came back to Texas and played the second best innings of the USA trials behind Monank Patel’s century, smashing 66 not out off 61 balls. Nobody values their wicket in the USA squad more than Fahad Babar. Putting his technique aside, his mental temperament is head and shoulders above just about everyone else, even more impressive because of his age… and he gets left out.

When two players age 25 and 26 that are locally developed, have shown unflinching loyalty to the national team program and are a model for how to develop homegrown talent organically… are then left out, it can be very deflating not just to them personally but discouraging to all other players who are coming up through or have recently graduated from the Under-19 pipeline. Several other players who have come through the Under-19 pipeline since 2008 have already told me they have quit playing or pursuing national honors because of similar selection moves in the last year. Quick-fix selection expediency instead of commitment to long-term development has never worked for USA. More worrying than that, it is a recipe for driving even more locally developed talent away from the game. USA will have no problems getting through the Regional T20 Qualifier, but WCL Division Three is a different matter.”

When asked to Fahad Babar, why he wasn’t selected, the coach’s response was that we want to try more experienced players. Ironically, Fahad Babar is one of the most experienced players of them all. Fahad Babar was told by the coach to continue playing first class cricket in Pakistan which means he is not in their future plansas of now and omitted from USA cricket team. There is no reason as to why Fahad Babar was dropped and a lot of other uncapped and inexperienced players were selected ahead of an important t20 qualifier tournament.

The same mistakes are being repeated again by ICC Administrationwhich were made by USACA administration. They have left out the experience lot amongst one of them is Fahad Babar.Experienced Homegrown USA Cricketers are being overlooked and overseas players are being selected in the USA Team. What is the difference between the two administrations?

With the experience of Fahad Babar and what his profile has to offer by now, he would have been made captain of the team by now in any other associate nation.

What more could he possibly do to merit a comeback to the national team?

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