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Sonakshi responds to Sonam’s public apology

MUMBAI: The world may have started prepping up to munch on some popcorn after Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha was seen commenting on megastar Sonam Kapoor giving her ‘a lot of attitude’ but the two luminary ladies took the softer road to reconciliation instead.
Sonakshi was seen alongside designer Manish Malhotra on the talk show Vogue BFFs, hosted by actress Neha Dhupia where she made the remark.
Sonam later took to Twitter and thanked Manish along with a response to the attack saying: “Sona, I’ve always been warm towards you. Don’t remember showing you attitude! If you feel that way I’m sorry!”
Sonakshi soon reacted clearing the air by tweeting: “Sonam Kapoor, don’t be silly. We’ve all been on these shows where we are coaxed to say things we really don’t want to. And then aren’t we used to things being blown out of proportion? Not to be taken seriously! Big hug.”
Whether it was a comment from the heart, or really just a coax to spice things up on air, the reality remains encrusted for now.
Things, however have heated up on Twitter with people calling Sonakshi out for her comment with only a small amount of people appreciating her for placatory gesture.

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