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Smart lens can track blood sugar levels

Health researchers from South Korea believe they have come up with a solution to detect diabetes by tracking sugar levels in the blood through a smart lens.
Researchers from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and Sungkyunkwan University have come up with a smart lens that contains stretchable antennae, glucose sensor and an LED display. Nothing to worry about, the lens is still very much wearable and comfortable as is expected of eye wear.
The glucose detector can trace blood sugar levels through the moisture in the eyes or tears (if the wearer is crying). The LED display will give off details about the sugar levels and switch off when the levels are normal.
The smart lens has been so far tested on animals and the experiment has been successful with no signs of any discomfort.
The inventors believe that the release of this smart lens would not be any time sooner than five years and its potential uses can reach to delivering medicines too.

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