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Prominent YouTubers star in bizarre ‘Juhi Chawla’ song video

I normally wouldn’t even bother reviewing a music video like this one but because it featured all the prominent Pakistani YouTubers in it, it gave me the reason to write about it. If I was to say what I thought about this sorry excuse of a rap song in a few words; I’d say bad melody, atrociously bad lyrics and out of tune singing.

Despite all that, the music video has attracted a lot of attention which I’m sure is because of the following reasons:

1. Juhi Chawla

It uses the name of the prominent classic Bollywood star Juhi Chawla which is the name of the song. One assumes it’s because maybe the Bollywood diva starred in it but no…!! They just had to say in rap; Juhi…Chawla… Juhi…Chawla… and that becomes the Juhi Chawla song for you. And the Bollywood actress’ name just has no connection with it.

2. The Great Mohammad Ali

When you see that name in the title, you imagine it’s the legendary boxer one is talking about. So maybe he inspired it in some way but no. It’s not the boxer Mohammad Ali, it’s not the legendary Lollywood actor either. It’s none other than the singer himself. I mean why not. If you have the money you can produce an expensive music video even if you’re that bad and who can stop a singer one hasn’t even heard about from branding himself as ‘The Great Mohammad Ali’.

3. Prominent YouTubers

The third reason which is driving attention to the video is prominent YouTubers and vloggers starring in it. YouTubers such as Nadir Ali, Mooroo, TheIdiotz, Karachi Wynz, The Khujlee Family and Irfan Junejo. We did see some adorable moves from these YouTubers – my favourite was Irfan Junejo and Mooroo – but even they didn’t seem enough to save the song.

One could have forgiven them for writing Juhi Chawla and the Great Mohammad Ali in the video title if the music video was any good. But I think Juhi Chawla should sue them.

The lyrics were plain obnoxious but then that’s how they are in most rap songs. In some ways, they sounded like a bad Urdu translation of a YoYoHoney Singh song. And don’t even get me started on the dance moves. They were cringe-worthy to say the least.

Sorry everyone who’s behind the video but I really didn’t like it. Even though it tried recipes many viral videos use such as rich kids bragging about their wealth and power, it still couldn’t pull it off. Maybe it will, it’s too early to say. But these guys are not even good at being bad. If they were that, they could have produced a music video in competition of Taher Shah and Dhinchak Pooja but see one needs a unique act even for that.

I guess I’m the ‘hater’ they talked about in the song and if I had to choose from watching this video one more time and the hater rewards they mentioned in the video i.e. ‘thatha’ and ‘middle finger in lifafa’, I’ll choose the latter.

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