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Pakistan and working for the people of the country.

Nawaz says he is being ‘punished’ for serving country
FAISALABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said that he is being “punished” for serving
“I am being punished for serving my country, and I am summoned for hearings because the people of Pakistan love me,” Nawaz Sharif said while speaking at PML-N workers convention in Faisalabad.
Nawaz added that the public knows the former PM is being treated “unfairly”, while he also complained that he was ousted for not accepting pay from his sons.
“Corruption worth even a single penny has not been proved against me and still I am being summoned for hearings. Moreover, I was also called a traitor on basis of an interview,” he continued.
The former PM said that for 70 years, the vote was not respected, but now, he added, the PML-N government will ensure that the sanctity and respect of the vote is upheld.
Criticising Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, Nawaz said that “Liar” Khan has not done anything noteworthy in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
On the contrary, he added, the PTI chief has “destroyed” the province and that there is not even a single project that could be inaugurated in KP.
He also vowed that the Nawaz league will not allow delay in elections.

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