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No air-conditioner, no cooler in Zardari’s prison cell

RAWALPINDI: The former president Asif Ali Zardari enjoys no basic facilities as per Adiala jail rules, said the vice-chairperson of the Punjab chief minister’s complaint cell, Mehnaz Saeed, on Friday.

reported that she has examined Zardari’s phone so that there could be no provision of illegal facilities to the former president.

She said that during her visit to Adiala, Senior Superintendent of Jail Saqib Nazir Chaudhry and Deputy Superintendent of Jail Mohammad Akram associated her.

Saeed has also visited the B-class, women and juvenile cells of Adiala.

She declared that abrogation of VIP culture was the chief point of PTI agenda and PTI government under Imran Khan is working well not to provide illegal facilities to influential people because of their political position.”PTI government is working for the welfare of a common man”.

Saeed reported that jail was providing moral facilities to the prisoners so they could become citizens for the betterment of their society after completing their sentences.

She said that facilities to the women and juvenile prisoners were being strictly examined for betterment plans.

She said:” Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf had the agenda to make prisons training institutions for moral and psychological betterment of prisoners”.

She said that the elimination of VIP culture was the agenda of PTI govt and no illegal facility would be provided to anybody due to their political position and influence.

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