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News of Fawad Khan and Zoheb Hassan collaborating soon?

Neither Zoheb Hassan nor Fawad Khan really need an introduction; the two have a huge fan following all around the world, as they’re a perfect combination of their good looks and powerhouse talent. Both the star sensations have been in the music industry for long now, decades in fact, we must say, though Zoheb entered the scenes a little earlier than Fawad.

Now, let’s imagine what it will be like if Zoheb and Fawad decided to work together? What an amazing combination! No?

And here we’ve got some good news: the collaboration just might be happening in real life!

Fawad Khan and Zoheb Hassan rocking it !

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In a Facebook status a few days back, the Kapoor & Sons actor revealed that he had been listening to “some old school, 80s music!” and “would love to meet Zoheb”.

Zoheb was quick to respond to Khan, replying, “It’s never too late for a plan!”

Fawad soon shared a photo of the two performing together at the recent Pepsi Battle of the Bands together, enclosed with a caption, “Happening Now – With our king of pop! Zoheb Hassan.”

The two kept passing compliments to each other in a string of comments on the social media platform wherein Zoheb also lauded Fawad’s acting skills.

“Thank you for the compliment Bro! You are no less when it comes to the silver screen!” retorted Zoheb.

Also one of the judges at Pepsi Battle of the Bands, former Vital Signs guitarist, Shahi Hassan, asked if he could join the duo as well. Pointing out to Zoheb, he commented on Fawad’s post saying, “You guys were great in the 80s! Got me thinking about the time I played bass on top of a Pepsi truck in the 90s. Let’s jam soon boys!”

Of course, who could hold the fans back at the nip of all the excitement? Some users even requested for a remake of Disco Deewane to serve as tribute to singer Nazia Hassan, Zoheb’s late sister.

Reema Khan, the elegant Lollywood legend, who has been on a long hiatus, also took to her Instagram in a fairly recent post, posing with the big-wigs of Pakistan’s entertainment world.

Other than the Humsafar hero, the actress has been spotted with Zoheb and Shahi as well as the Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram, and the Pepsi Battle of the Bands winning band, Kashmir’s lead singer, Bilal.

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