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Nawaz’s ouster a ‘joke’ played on the people

Sargodha: PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif continued her country-wide social media conventions with an address to a gathering in Sargodha on Saturday, where she lashed out against the judiciary, referring to the Supreme Court’s latest decision against the ruling party leadership as a joke with the Pakistani public.
“This joke has not been played on Nawaz Sharif, this joke has been played on you!” she said, adding that the biggest party of Pakistan that had millions of voters had been forced to stay away from Senate elections.
“Tell these geniuses that no one can drive Nawaz Sharif’s love from people’s hearts. He is not Nawaz Sharif because of his party presidency or because of his premiership. He became Nawaz Sharif with God’s blessing and all your love,” she said.
Maryam said a new slogan, mein bhi Nawaz hoon [I am also Nawaz], was born the day her father was stripped of PML-N presidency.
“If they want to disqualify Nawaz Sharif, they’ll have to disqualify his voters as well,” she said.
“Would people come out in the streets, all the way from Khyber to Karachi, in support of a person who has stolen from the public?” she asked the attendees, referring to Nawaz Sharif’s public gatherings across the country.
She remarked that the way people had fought for Nawaz by coming out to show their support was a testament to the fact that her father was innocent.

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