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NAB chief tells officials to share case details with suspects

ISLAMABAD: NAB officials must clearly convey information of the case in which the suspect is called up for inquiry, said National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal said chairing a meeting at the bureau’s headquarters to review the operational strategy.

The chairman directed NAB officers to clearly write the purpose of call up notices to the person as an accused or witness. In case the person is being called as an accused, NAB clearly write in call up notices the details of the alleged case against him including the details of charges against the accused as knowing about the details of the charges and accusations are the right of any accused.
Likewise, he said the witness should be clearly conveyed in the call up notices that he is being called in what case. And the aim of calling him is to seek his help for collection of information from him about the relevant case so that the corrupt with the help of solid evidence and proofs could lead to sentencing the accused under the law.
NAB chairman directed the officers to ensure self respect of the witnesses as well the accused and record the statement of the accused or witness on the given time. Moreover, visiting witnesses should be provided complete security in the NAB office. He directed to write the diary of each case on daily basis.

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