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Musharraf vows to return to Pakistan ahead of 2018 elections

ISLAMABAD: Former president Gen (r) Parvez Musharraf on Sunday vowed to return to Pakistan before the 2018 general elections to lead the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) from the front.
Addressing a gathering in Islamabad through video link from Dubai, the former president said that the APML would become the third political force in the future politics of Pakistan.
Musharraf has been living in a self-imposed exile for the past nine years in Dubai and London. At various times in the past, he has made similar announcements of returning to the country. However, he did not do so. He also faces several cases, including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
A total of 2,000 supporters attended the Islamabad gathering.
Most of the supporters were from Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. Around half of them left the venue during the video link speech of Musharraf. The speech was disconnected repeatedly due to technical issues.
Musharraf was online for only four minutes. The APML leadership requested the supporters through speakers not to leave as the beloved leader was online to address their problems and safeguard the motherland from the enemies of Pakistan.
Secretary General Dr Amjid said that Nawaz Sharif had always criticised Musharraf. “Nawaz criticises Musharraf for being a dictator. He himself was brought to politics by Ziaul Haq. Our beloved leader gave respect and dignity to the country in the international world. Now due to your [Nawaz Sharif’s] wrong polices, no one values our country,” he said.
“We have started our campaign from Islamabad for the upcoming election and will expand it to the whole country. It is our first power show. It will spread fear among political opponents. When I had said goodbye to the country, our import and exports were on top. Our armed forces were also strong and could compete with anyone. Now, the country is heading towards disaster due to the policies of PPP and PML-N,” he said.

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