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Kapoor sisters meet Hillary Clinton, answer questions about Bollywood life

MUMBAI: The Kapoor sisters made their appearance together at the 17th India Today Conclave 2018. Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor spoke about almost everything, all the way from film to family and from nepotism to feminism.
One of the most profound moments of the night was when the sisters met with former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and posed for pictures with each other.
While Karisma looked stunning in a long black dress with netted sleeves, Kareena played it sophisticated and classy in an all-white suit.
The duo answered questions related to controversies and myths regarding the Kapoor khandaan as well as the ups and downs of Bollywood.
In a conversation with journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, the Jab We Met star was asked if too much of media scrutiny and prying spoils their private life, especially after how social media trolled her son’s name for their own good.
To this Kareena replied, “Of course, there was trolling but at the same time there was an immense support from the people we were getting, not that trolls matter to us that much but it was our choice.”
“The day before I was going to the hospital for delivery, I had a talk with Saif and he was suggesting to keep his name Faiz, he said, ‘Bebo, that is a more poetic, more romantic name’. I said ‘No, Taimur means iron and if I give birth to a son, my son is going to be a fighter, I will produce an iron man’. And yes, I proudly did so.”
Amongst other questions that were asked from the duo, the sisters were also inquired to give their views on the nepotism that exists in Bollywood.
“There are so many superstars from yesteryears and not all of their children are a superstar. If nepotism exists, they would have been a big star by now,” Kareena replied.
“The fact that Ranveer Singh has become the new superstar of Bollywood who does not come from a film family proves the fact that they become superstar out of their sheer talent and hard work. Nepotism does not exist,” she further added.
“I think it is about the talent that takes you where you go. When you are on-screen, anybody can make or break you; anyone can make a judgment on you irrespective of you are a daughter or grandchildren of someone,” said Karisma.
“And for a youngster who has a huge family and legacy behind, is much tough to make a mark,” she went on to say.
While they were reminded that Kangana said otherwise, Karisma asserted her point of view saying, “People can have their opinion and we should respect each opinion.”

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