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It’s more difficult for a star child to succeed in Bollywood, says Kareena Kapoor

During a conversation with local media personality on ‘The Kapoor Clan: Films, Family and Feminism’, Kareena Kapoor Khan negated the existence of nepotism in Bollywood.
The origin of this debate is year older, stemming from the Bollywood dive, Kangna Ranawat against the famous Director, Karan Johar.
“There are many superstars from yesteryears and not all of their children are superstars. If nepotism exists everyone would have been superstars,” said Kareena Kapoor, referring Ranveer Singh’s claim to stardom.
“But the fact that today Ranveer Singh, (who) does not have mother or father who is a superstar, out of sheer talent and hard work he is where he is today. I don’t think nepotism exists.”
Kareena had a strong opinion that it’s more difficult for children of stars to live up to the name of their legacy and make their own mark.
“It is about talent, we maybe children or grandchildren of somebody but once you are on the silver screen you are that part. When you have generations of actors and a huge legacy behind you, it is actually difficult for a star child to live up to it and succeed in this industry,” she added.
Karisma Kapoor also said that everyone can have their own opinion and we should respect all.

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