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If #metoo then why not #youtoo?

By A.Q. Siddiqui:

The #metoo campaign has stormed all over with such a ferocity that was never seen before in media, social or political life. Some scribes have defined it as a power that rippled highest echelons of Indian society. But in truth it is a product of today’s unbridled social media. Today social media is a genie out of bottle. From false fabricated news, distorted facts, nudity, obscene clips to religious preaching it has all that can tear the cherished fabric of our culture and traditions.

What is good about #metoo? How is it going to help if we discuss a crime committed in past and not reported in time?  It is appalling to note that government is considering investigating allegations on state level. In fact, government must plan promulgating a law for a time frame for reporting a crime. Some women social activists are forming committees to look into allegations by “so called victims” of sexual assault. Someone put a video of one of the “victims” on Twitter, a movie scene from her film that shows actress more in bad light than what allegations she madeagainst her alleged preparator. Needless to define #metoo campaign as good or bad, fact remains this is something against our inherited cultural values.

Are the supporters of #metoo campaign clean from any wrong doings? Or pretending clean because they are not exposed so far. Let us not forget a real story from the life of Prophet Jesus. When he saw a mob stoning a woman found guilty of adultery, he stopped them and told that only a person who has not committed a sin in his or her life shall throw the stone at the woman. It is the same situation here. Women who are accusing men for sexual assault cannot deny the fact that they were in proximity with their perpetrators and they had option to resist or report it at the same time. Why they did not report it at that time? And why they are doing it now? This is where logic of law has to be applied. There is every reason to believe that so called “victims” were willing partners in some or other way at that time but maintained a diplomatic silence and now spilling the beans for sheer hatred that remained in their hearts against the perpetrators.

Did the supporters of #metoo thought about consequences of encouraging such a campaign? What happens if someone start #youtoo campaign and rakes the truth of Bollywood actresses who at some stage willingly passed through “Bollywood couch” culture? Many celebrity actresses will be exposed, many marriages will be broken. #metoo campaign is heading towards a devastating onslaught on finer threads of our culture.

There is another story relevant on this subject. It is from the times of Islamic Caliph Omer. He was known for his justice and administration. An old man came to Omer and sought his guidance. He said that there is a marriage proposal for his daughter from a handsome man hailing from a good family. But his daughter has indulged in immoral acts with another man and the old man has seen her daughter in close proximity of that man. The old man asked Omer “Oh Caliph tell me shall I inform this man about my daughter’s past?”. Omer asked him who else knew about his daughter’s sin? The old man replied, “No one knows except me”. Then Omer told him, “Go and marry your daughter and do not tell anything. What God himself has hidden why you want to expose it?”

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