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Google Chrome 77 update: Here’s what to expect

Google recently rolled out Chrome 77 for Android, Windows, Linux and iOS platforms and now the tech giant is planning to release an updated version of the browser which will make it even better.

The new update will provide users with a new grid layout, aimed at making it convenient for users to select tabs and preview thumbnails of tabs that they are using currently.

Users will also be able to drag tabs on top of one another on a grid-like view as well as organize them in a simplified manner than before.

In a blog post, Google wrote, “If you have so many tabs open on your laptop that you can’t read the page titles any more (guilty!), you can now preview your tabs by hovering over them with your cursor. For now, you’ll see the page title, and soon you’ll see a thumbnail of the page too.”

In addition to this, Google is also planning to tweak the Chrome address bar to load results faster.

“Chrome’s address bar helps you get to your results faster than ever. Now on both desktop and Android, answers will show up inside the address bar where you type your query-whether you’re looking for results about sporting events or instant answers about the local weather or translations of a foreign word,” it said.

Moreover, there will be colour customisations added for Chrome themes which will allow the users to change the colour of the entire browser.

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