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‘God of War’ PS4 version reveals thrilling highlights

Sony’s promotions for an upcoming combat videogame “God of War” has a thrilling clip from the table of SIE Santa Monica Studio, the videogame developers behind this epic visual warfare.

Here’s the glimpse into the zone of Greek mythology and seventh heaven visuals slated for an April 20 release for the PS4s.

The 3D game welcomes the players with control over Krato’s character put in an ultimate maze of caves, deserted lands, god, monsters and most of all… many brutal battles. The edition also comes wih many other new features, responsibilities and characters in the gameplay, as Kratos gets a grip a new ice axe and shield, while the gamplay also depicts a father-son collaboraton as Kratos teaches his son Arteus to understand people’s culture and language.

The thrilling Spartan fantasy has characters that help the players win complex stages by giving them tasks, for instance, Atreus helps solve puzzles but may seek immediate assistance as well, keeping that the minor warrior isn’t showcased as a pro.

The game has been quioted to take 25 to 35 hours on route to victory, while their own play-testers took six days to play through it “That’s just the start of the overall adventure,” says the creative director, Cory Barlog.

The director reveals the essence a simple story but complex characters of how Krato, for instance, is intended to gradually grow sense of vulnerability and control within his monstrous rage being a protective father.

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