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What self-awareness really is and Why is it important?

By: Sabeen Sheikh Abid

So many people are walking around this planet unaware of the impact they have on the people around them. Being self-aware and practicing daily reflection and introspection allows each of us the opportunity to find what we really want out of this precious life. We are all susceptible to outside influence and personal bias. Without self-awareness, we are more susceptible. When one can accomplish self-mastery through a deep understanding of the internal self and the public self through the attainment of true self-awareness, real freedom can be achieved. Being aware of traits, behaviours, character, motives, and feelings or aspects of the self, lead to a state of self-awareness. It is a state in which the concept of the self-reacts to social and environmental cues and the capacity for deeper self-reflection.
Self-awareness seems to have become the latest personality management buzzword. It is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. It is an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality. In other words, when you focus on yourself, rather than your environment, you compare yourself with your standards of correctness. These standards of correctness specify how you ought to think, feel, and behave. They are essential, your values and beliefs. It should not be confused with consciousness, Self-awareness is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Self -awareness is about focusing your awareness on yourself. It’s your ability to notice your feelings, your physical and sensations, your reactions and your habits, your behaviours, and your thoughts. You are aware of all those different aspects of yourself as if you are another person observing you. Another way to think of it is paying attention to your intuition, also known as your 6th sense or your gut feeling. Or if I would describe as self-awareness is about being honest with yourself. We all have a self-image of how we want others to perceive us. you might view yourself as punctual, but in reality, you are often late to appointments. Self-awareness is about focusing on the reality of your behaviours. Although everyone has a fundamental idea of what self-awareness is, and even though most people believe, they are self -aware. But we do not know exactly where it comes from, what its precursors are, or why some of us seem to have more or less than others. self-awareness is a truly rare quality and there is a certain degree of self -awareness.
Self-awareness is considering a critical tool to help you reach a higher level of satisfaction, become a better person, improves relationships with people, and manage your emotion better. It’s also positively correlated with a higher level of overall happiness. And yet estimates only 10-15%people truly self-aware. Luckily, self -awareness can be practiced and cultivated …It’s not a fixed trait. If you begin to consciously practice self-awareness, you can evaluate how your values, passions, and goals fit into your current environment and emotions and how to align them better. You can also understand how other people view you, creating stronger, more authentic relationships with people. This will help you become happier and more productive and can help you align your current life with your passions.
To become more self-aware. There are so many ways to improve and cultivate self-awareness. But you should focus on areas you believe will have the greatest impact on designing your ideal lifestyle.
1. Ask “What” instead of “Why”?
2. Spend time with yourself and gaining a greater awareness of your emotions.
3.Practice Mindfulness. Making a habit of tracking your feelings. Self-reflect.
4. Expanding your practice to areas of your life beyond your feelings.
5. Become a better Listener. ask for feedback.
6. Recognize your strength & weakness.
7. Monitor your self-talk. Make sure your self -talk is positive.
8.practice saying “NO”.
9. Question your decisions.
Developing a self -awareness is the foundation of our lifestyle. It is the primary method for learning about yourself and your needs. Without a better understanding of our own emotions, strengths, and weakness .it is difficult to maintain a sense of how we are affecting others. Self-awareness grants us the ability to develop ourselves and crucial in creating a society that will support to raise the standards to have a positive impact on people’s lives. It means knowing your value, personality with a sense of who you are and a vision of the person you want to become. Moreover, self -awareness allows you to motivate yourself and manage your stress better, helps you with your intuitive decision making, and helps you to lead and motivate more effectively. Another benefit of self-awareness is self-control or improved self-regulation. It can restrain anti-social impulses and increase personal responsibility to adhere to social standards. This improves relationships and connect with other people.

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