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Believe in and work on your dreams: Amar Khan

Pakistani actress Amar Khan is currently to be seen in the drama Belapur Ki Dayan on Hum TV and Ghughi on TV One. Here are a few things you might want to know about her.
Early Life: I was very studious during my O/A levels and equally film fanatic. So basically ilm and film were the prime reasons of my existence. Being a 90’s kid I recall locking up myself in room every night and playing Bollywood songs on my newly bought cassette player, dancing in front of a wall mirror. That is the exact juncture where a performer/aspiring artist brews webs of dreams and prepared herself for future awards speeches.
Early Influences: Some notable Hindi mainstream films, I guess. But later on as I started watching world cinema it was a big eye opener to new avenues. I remember watching Frances Mcdormand, Meryl Streep, Smita Patel films and use to marvel at their dexterity. Directors like Woody Allen, Bhansali, Kashyap, Imtiaz Ali, Scorcese, PT Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, Majid Majidi inspired me. Writers like Charlie Kauffman, Coen brothers, Juhi Chaturvedi and Richard Linklater were immensely inspiring. My list would never end but these were the prominent maestros.
Some struggles/difficulties you faced during the times you did not get what you were looking for: Staying home in Idleness and withholding your patience is the biggest testing time. Reaching out to people but not connecting at a good wave length due to stereotypes and bad content was a major breakdown. But I guess that’s the part of game.
Notable successes and achievements: Short films screening at prestigious festivals like American film showcase, 60 SIFF and few in India. Also my first telefilm as a writer/director/actress for HUM TV based on two blind people. Right now the current dream breakthrough dramas (Ghughi, Belapur Ki Dayan) are heartening achievements as well.
Current projects: Ghughi – a partition play alongside Adnan Siddiqi
Belapur Ki Dayan – a horror drama serial directed by Saife Hasan.
Future endeavors/projects: Two very fascinating television dramas, I will disclose the title and crew soon.
Any quote/message to people/fanbases: Believe in and work on your dreams more strongly in the daytime because every new day is God’s best blessing showered on you.

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