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Bela Padilla: Actors lose jobs for not being ‘sexy’ enough

MANILA, Philippines — Bela Padilla believes timing is everything.
What if you didn’t seize the opportunity when it knocked on your door? What if you waited until tomorrow to take that all-important step? What if this, what if that?
The word “now” means she used to doubt the power of being there at the right moment. That was until she played digital artist Celeste in “Meet Me in St. Gallen,” and a whole new world of what “ifs” opened before her.
“After this film, I realized you have to take a step back,” said Bela. “Sometimes you’re ready for the good things, but the good things aren’t ready for you.”
So, you have to be prepared. In Bela’s case, this means being physically fit for an offer to do a soap opera or any project that may come her way.
“Kahit ganong kababaw na bagay pwede kang matanggal,” she revealed.
It also means having a good heart, which she believes attracts all things bright and beautiful. Luck, so Bela and her friend, actor Jericho Rosales think, is more a matter of being ready for anything. So, you have to fix your life to make sure everything is okay when that great chance in a lifetime comes along.
Bela’s way of seizing the day is accepting all projects offered her, because she wants to work every day. Those that require nudity, however, are out of the question because “I want to be able to invite my mom on premiere night,” Bela said.
Bela may not believe in luck. But she realizes that even the best plans can crumble. Even the most detailed strategies can fail. That is when she lets go and lets God.
“Someone’s planning all it for us. We have to trust His plan.”
She spoke from experience. Bela does not reveal details. But she admits one of her plans did not push through because “timing was off last year.”
So, she let things fix themselves and moved on.
Last year was a banner year for her. She top-billed the critically acclaimed indie film “100 Tula Para Kay Stella.” She won the Most Outstanding TV Actress Award from Gawad LaSallianeta. She summoned the long-time writer in her by coming up with the script of the Piolo Pascual-Toni Gonzaga starrer “Last Night.”
She wants to equal, if not exceed last year’s record, but promises to be “more chill” in 2018.

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