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99 years old sets swimming world record

A 99 years old man has put the indolent youth to shame after he scored himself a world record at an official swimming event in Australia.
George Corones may be 99 years old but he has proven that he is still young at heart by breaking a swimming record for his age group, at an official 50-metre freestyle event in the Australian state of Queensland, in only 56.12 seconds.
Corones, who will complete the century in April, has revealed to the BBC that he was “quite delighted” and “over the world” about scoring the world record.
“It was an exemplary swim for me, well balanced… and I was ready to hit the [wall] at the end very hard with my hand,” he revealed.
Hailing from Brisbane, Corones had been a keen swimmer in his adolescence but got back into the sport at the age of 80.
He states, “I gave it up at the beginning of the war [World War Two], and I don’t think I had a swim of any description until I retired.”
The world record was previously held by late Canadian swimmer Jaring Timmerman in 2009 who completed the distance in one minute and 16.92 seconds.

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