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Top five female celebs you should be following on Instagram

Here is our roundup of the top five beauties that seem to be pulling out their A-game all day, every day Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing app isn’t just a place where you can keep your stalking skills at bay, it’s a place where one can now literally feel ALL the madness. From a platform only used by users once in a blue moon to becoming a social networking outrage for big brands and celebrities, the app has been racking up followers by the millions.
We’re sure you already follow your favourite singers and actresses as well as keep your daily tabs on them, but just in case you don’t – here is our roundup of the top five beauties that seem to be pulling out their A-game all day, every day.
1) Saba Qamar Zaman
This leading beauty needs no introduction. Saba has been making waves both in and out of the local film industry and into the hearts of people worldwide. Her latest Bollywood hit, opposite the acclaimed Irrfan Khan, bagged the award for Best Film at the Filmfare Awards 2018, and this doesn’t go without mentioning the fact that Eastern Eye, a UK-based publication previously announced Qamar as one of the top Bollywood debuts of 2017.
Saba further ranks number 1 on the bandwagon, with her commercially successful TV serial Baaghi that fights for slain model Qandeel Baloch’s plight alongside other girls in our society attempting to make their claim to fame through showbiz. Saba’s character in the hit Urdu One drama and on the picture platform embodies the true essence of a naysayer fighting social taboos in an extremely contrived and self-righteous society.
Saba is all glamour, motivation, and inner ‘peace’ – a true inspiration for all her fans making their relentless way through the rigid sands of time.

2) Mehwish Hayat
Basking in the successful aftermath of Punjab Nahi Jaungi, the highest-grossing Pakistani film of 2017 and definitely even all-time, with earnings of more than 50 crore, Mehwish Hayat is still not done flaunting her round trips around the globe and dwelling in her proper vocal techniques to find out how to make use of that spectacular voice.
Engaging her Instagram bio with her fans in an enclosed message that reads, “Find Me where the wild thing are”, Mehwish is certainly worth the game with her artsy posting style. She seems to really have a thing for soft colours and black and white filters.

3) Maya Ali
Maya Ali, from Mann Mayal fame, won the Lux Style Award for Best TV Actress in 2016. Her latest project, Teefa in Trouble has been creating the latest buzz around town, with news of her debut alongside co-star Ali Zafar.
Maya is another hugely active Instagram celebrity who doesn’t go a day without posting the latest scoop on her style, whether it is her dazzling Mohsin Naveed Ranjha outfit at a royal wedding or latest revamp on a ‘mod scot’ look, she doesn’t miss slaying the camera everywhere she goes.
Not to forget to mention, her cute and bubbly smile cuts our breath short, pretty much most of the time.

4) Sanam Saeed
This British-born Pakistani actress and former model who moved to Pakistan when she was six years old quit her career in modeling as she increasingly started becoming conscious about her appearance for the very first time in her life.
From the looks of it, this Mah-e-Meer star gauges an exciting and glamorous life, posting a lot of fun and casual photos mixed in with lots of groups (co-stars and directors) from behind the scenes, while she reminisces her long-gone days as a fashion model and her journey to long-lived happiness.

5) Ushna Shah
Saba isn’t the only one in L-town with a compassionate heart and a love for fur. Ushna Shah, sister of acclaimed director Shah Sharahbeel furthers the sport by being a strong advocate for the better treatment of animals in Pakistan.
This Pakistani Canadian actress has won thousands of hearts around the country. She is known for her cutesy and jaw-dropping photo shoots, along with a mix of promotional shoots and a few random screenshots of things here and there. This doesn’t go without mentioning her brave stance in a controversially right-wing society, where she has previously picked up small tiffs with names such as Hamza Ali Abbasi and Aamir Liaquat on her solid point of view.

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