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Rape is a violent crime but still Rape is the most Underreported crime

Rape is a violent crime but still Rape is the most Underreported crime

By Sabeen Sheikh Abid

Rape, a sexual assault that is growing at a very rapid rate across the world. The sexual assault of women is noteworthy by its huge social and personal cost to the victims, their families, and ultimately society. We are perfectly aware of the reputation of certain countries in terms of sexual violence, sexual assault, and its upshot. Laws of these certain male dominating countries have bias punishment for sexual assault. There is a fault in the judicial system. That is why rape is the most underreported crime. A crime which is the fourth most crime against the women especially in male dominating countries and a crime which is feared to be reported by the victims. This is incredibly sad to know that this crime has such strange laws in certain countries that women always have a fear to report, they cannot live with freedom. In countries like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, women in these countries almost never have reported against this crime because of different laws. Women report against this offense then they are forced by their parents to marry the rapist, they can become victims of honor killing, charged with adultery which is punishable to death. Due to such laws, such fear they resist to report. Today the crime has increased at such an alarming rate that it is not limited to any one gender, age, race, and religion. Any kind of sexual behavior without the consent of the opposite person falls under the rape. In our culture, the starting and the ending of these cases revolve around victimizing the person who has been raped. And the worst part is that people do not believe it unless there is any physical sign or an attested report. Rape kills not only the dream of the victim but also, ruins the lives of their family members. Rape is a worldwide problem and the most derelict crime of current society.
Recent statics has proved that there has been a significant increase in the number of rape cases. Even though we get to hear numerous rape cases every day, but then also many cases have been yet not disclosed due to fear, embarrassment, and biased behavior of the laws. Due to these underreported cases, the criminal is free to commit another heinous crime. In developing countries rape is a kind of marketing over there. Men who are involved in such activities make the video of rape and sell them the international market and blackmail the victims. These cases are not only about developing countries, even in developed countries like the US, UK, China, and many more also have these problems. In countries like the US, UK, China, Japan have different definitions of this crime, and women can report there if they face sexual assault or rape.
Chastisement describes punishing and criticizing someone strongly, here this word suits the best the rapist but, there is an irony. Our society punishes and criticizes the victims of this brutal act. Why are women being chastised for these crimes? They are made to listen to all those things which are totally not acceptable such as, might be you have done something, or it is your fault. Part of the problem is the myth that rape is primarily a threat to the streets at night. Far from it. In fact, rape rarely occurs in the proverbial dark alley. The truth is both banaler, and more appalling thirds of victims know their attacker, and assaults commonly take place in the home of the victim or the rapist. Perpetrators rely on shame to keep their crime secret. Too often they are proved right. And if the conspiracy of silence is a problem for women who are raped, it is even worse for men. Rape affects people not only mentally but also physically. People have a choice of not reporting these crimes but, do remember one thing that, if you want to stop the offender and punish rapist .you have to take a step and act steadily to save another life. Rape is one of the more appalling things that one human being can do to another, and yet there is no other crime about which our society is so ambivalent. That must change.
“Always remember that what happened with the victim was never her fault”

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